Who we are

Revitalising Chalk Rivers is a partnership between the Environment Agency and Affinity Water, working alongside the catchment hosts and partners. Together, we are working to protect and restore chalk rivers throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Why are we focusing on chalk rivers?

There are only approximately 200 chalk rivers in the entire world and 85% of them are found in southern and eastern England Unlike most rivers, chalk rivers are fed from chalk aquifers – underground porous rock formations which store water. They are directly connected to these aquifers, making their water clear running, mineral rich, and home to an extremely diverse population of flora and fauna. Chalk rivers have clean gravel beds, providing the ideal habitat for brown trout, salmon, and a range of native water based plants.
These rivers, and the unique habitats they provide, are at significant risk of degradation. A huge range of factors threaten the ecological health of our chalk rivers including, but not limited to, historic modifications, over abstraction, pollution, invasive species, and many more. Immediate action must be taken to help protect these world treasures.

Chalk stream winter

Chalk stream summer

What are we doing?

The Revitalising Chalk Rivers partnership is leading a number of projects over six chalk rivers, ranging from river restorations to abstraction reductions, all with the aim of preserving and improving the chalk rivers of the area. We are carrying out investigations and options appraisals to inform and improve our knowledge of the chalk aquifer and its relationship to the rivers on the surface. This ensures we implement the best solutions for the environment in the most appropriate locations. We are all continually learning about how best to protect this precious habitat.
Now that you know who we are and what we are working to protect, have a deeper look into the rivers we are working on. Each river page showcases just one of the many projects Revitalising Chalk Rivers has led on that specific river.

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