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A big part of what Revitalising Chalk Rivers stands for is encouraging people to save water. Using water efficiently will help ensure we all have enough water for our homes, to produce food, for products and services, and to protect our valuable natural environment. Abstraction of water can have a direct impact on chalk streams, and a large portion of water abstracted is used to meet the demand of local population. In fact, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire have some of the highest rates of water use per person in the country. Therefore reducing your water use could directly benefit the chalk streams.
Many people are not aware that actions like tipping waste liquids down roadside drains, flushing wet wipes or washing up greasy pans in the sink directly harms wildlife and affects water quality by causing pollution in local rivers, lakes and the sea.

Here are ten simple tips you can follow to help reduce your personal water usage:

Ten Top Tips for Saving Water

  1. Remember to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth – a running tap wastes approximately 6 litres of water per minute
  2. Take shallower baths. Running your bath just an inch shorter than usual can save on average 5 litres of water
  3. When you’re finished in the bath, reuse your bathwater to water your houseplants or garden
  4. Switch to a low-flow shower head. This will reduce your water consumption but still give you the feel of a normal shower
  5. Use a shower timer to help reduce shower time. If everyone used a shower timer we would save enough water to supply 1 million homes every day
  6. When washing up, use a plug or washing up bowl to limit the amount of water used rather than continuously running the tap.
  7. Make sure the dishwasher is only run when it has a full load
  8. Fill the kettle with only what is needed, this saves electricity too!
  9. Use a watering can instead of a hosepipe when watering your garden
  10. Install a water butt in your garden. You can use the collected water to water your garden or wash the car


Our partners at Hubbub have made some excellent videos giving you some more information on water saving:

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