Welcome to our new website where you can find out how the Environment Agency and Affinity Water are working in partnership with the common goal of Revitalising Chalk Rivers.

We want to showcase the great work we’ve achieved and the further work we’ll be doing with our partners on the chalk streams. We hope that through showing how our projects have benefited both the landowners and the environment, we can meet new potential partners and landowners to work with.

The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) described our chalk streams as ‘England’s rainforest’. We must do everything we can to protect and preserve these beautiful and rare habitats.

Revitalising Chalk Rivers is championing a huge number of river restoration projects to help chalk rivers get back to their natural states. Affinity Water and the Environment Agency are working to reduce abstraction, where it is proven to be unsustainable, to improve flow in our precious rivers.

Last year, Affinity Water reduced abstraction from the Gade by 7.4 million litres per day. Since 2017 abstraction has been reduced on the Beane by a whopping 16.18 million litres per day!

With successful, and even award winning projects already completed on all of our 6 rivers, we are keen to continue. We all have a part to play to improve these rivers, so please check out our ‘Ten Top Tips for Saving Water’ on our Save Water page, and if you are interested in getting involved in future projects please check our catchment partner pages for upcoming projects: Colne Catchment Partnership and Lea Catchment Partnership.

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